Monday, September 30, 2013

Finding Neat Things

Have you ever gone to a wedding and thought, 'Were the heck did they get that? It's so cute!' Yeah I do it to every wedding I go to. And the answer is always some random site like, Like who would go there? (ps, that's not really a site)

Here are some sites, not the best places ever but you can dig in them and find some really inexpensive, cute ideas: This is the most awesome place to go get bulk decor and rustic ideas. They have jars, jute fabric, signs, baskets, arches, bird cages, chalkboards... I could go on and on. I'm sure you've heard of Oriental Trading and got those magazines before for childhood parties or weddings. Some of the stuff there is really clique, but some stuff you could really use! Just think and search. Things I like from there are the treat bags, straws, globes, suckers, and other cute nick-nacks for the wedding and even bridal shower. This is a newer site to me so I'm still finding out all the new fun stuff it has. So far it has everything! It's got awesome bulk (15+) order offers. There is more than just wedding and wedding decor... there's all event decor, lighting, diy craft supplies, linens, favors, candy bar supplies and so much more. You've also had to hear of, but you may not know that they have a shopping site too. They've got great ideas on how to use the stuff too.

Do you ever look through a magazine and when you get to the pages with all the items on it with 'gifts for the bridesmaids' or 'favors for guests'? Well look a little deeper at those pictures... there are details with website info. Websites you've probably never heard of and have really awesome stuff!

It's like they add the word 'wedding' on the something and the price instantly doubles. So look other places besides wedding stores and sites. Those other party supply stores have stuff for you too. Also, when calling places about renting items or just wanting info, just say 'for an event' and not wedding. Sometimes that really helps the price.

You don't have to break the bank and go in debt to through a celebration as important as a wedding. It's important but so is buying a house and paying off car and student loans.

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