Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Start! New Blog! New Meaning!

Hopefully some of you all are from my previous blog!
New life changes are upon me and it's time to track them all.

I'm going on three months of being engaged to the love of my life, and also going on being together for four and a half years. Where does time go?

Let me give you a run down on the details of the engagement before giving you the run down on the wedding plans already made and what the purpose of this blog is!!

July 4th:
Flood warning in effect and it was raining sideways.
Lunch with my best friend (and newly weds).
Indoor games with them... okay the guys played pool and we caught up on honeymoon and life details.
Dinner with Michael's family.
Watched it rain some more.
Waiting for it to pass and finally.....
Watched some fireworks.
We drove up the farm a little bit to be alone and watch the fire in the sky.
Then POP comes out the ring. And POP comes out the question. And POP comes out the watery eyes and a big 'of course' response.
It was magical, special, and oh so sweet.

So now that you have the run down on the proposal, let's get to the wedding details already made!
1. Wedding venue. The wonderfully grassed area near a black barn at the Cardome Center about 45 minutes away in Georgetown, Kentucky.
2. Photographers. The incredibly honest, beautiful, and down right hilarious couple, the Malicotes.
3. Talking to a baker about our awesome cake. Talking to the florist about our messy, yet simple flowers.

Lastly. The purpose!!
I am a planner, a perfectionist, and love every minute of the last three months so far. I had a ball planning and putting together my BFF's bridal shower and bachelorette party. So I'm going to share my experiences with you all. My DIYs, my ups and hopefully few downs during this process.
Hopefully you can get a new craft, idea, or words of advice out of this for your big day, or just any day!

Thanks y'all!

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