Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Being a bridesmaid is not only a big deal (and job) for the bridesmaid, but it's a big deal for the bride to select those ladies. 

Do you pick who you talk with now? 
Do you pick your childhood friends that you've remained in contact with?
Do you pick family or your family to be?
Do you pick 2, 4, 6, or more people? What is a good number? 

These are all questions that a newly engaged woman thinks of. They are all good questions too. From my experience being a bridesmaid, I say this.... think, pretend, wait, think, react. 

  • Think about who you want by your side because they will be around you a lot- hopefully. They will be at dress fittings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, dinners and celebrations, you'll be there picking out their dresses, conversing on flowers, jewelry, hair and make up ideas. There is a lot of time shared between the two of you. And on the flip side of that... make sure you want to spend that much time with them. 
  • This is where I would pretend. Picture yourself doing all those things I said with them! Are you annoyed with the thought of that? I wouldn't pick them. 
  • Wait. If you're having a wedding 6 months to a year, plus away, wait. Wait till you've got some other plans down first before you officially ask them. I do think there is a big exception for that. If they are having to do a lot of traveling- for dress fittings, showers, and for the days leading up to the wedding- don't wait too long to wait. They may need to save money and even time at work to ask off for those days. 
  • Think about it all again. This time think about if all the girls will get along together. Think about if they can afford to be a bridesmaid- it's not a cheap role. Think about all the other things going on in your head. 
  • React. FIRST bounce all these thoughts off your groom. It is his wedding too. If it's a family member, or member to be, talk to your mom or mother in law to be. They may have good opinions on it. THEN officially ask them to be your bridesmaid. 
Now I don't do much little or low key. I love decorating and doing everything a little dramatic. I guess that's just my personality....... ;) 

Here's how I asked my girls. With a little box. And it was on a budget... Budget doesn't mean cheap or cheap looking by the way. You can do anything at on any budget!

The Contents:
  1. Box- Hobby Lobby $.99
  2. Notecard- Designed myself and had printed at Office Depot- $6 for 8 (but they gave my like 32 total cards!)
  3. A Disposable Camera- Michael's Craft $2
  4. Post It Note's in the shape of a ring- Meijer $3 for 2
  5. Box of Tissues- Michael's Craft $.50
  6. Ring Pop- Meijer $.25
  7. Personalized Koozie- Etsy $7
  8. Jute twine, triangle with initial, and ring- had but can get easily found at Michael's or Hobby Lobby

Total cost each- $13!

Using our wedding colors I worked with Jackie on Etsy. Pick your own colors, your own font, everything!! 

Visit her shop HERE!

I used the same font from the Koozies to type out my "Will You Be My....' and wrote a little personal note on the back!

I typed these up (using the same font again) to give the
girls an inside on what I am looking for and planning. 

The Big Day one said our wedding day and where.
The Girls one said all the girls names, title, and how I knew each one.
Your role one said what I want from them- to have fun, stand by my side, and yatta yatta
Your dresses ones said what I am envisioning their dresses to look like. I also included some pictures I found on the web for inspiration.  

I wrapped up the boxes nice a tight with my favorite- jute twine, added a banner with their initial and a little craft paper colored ring!  

I loved watching all the girls open up their box, reading the note and cards, and enjoying it all just as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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