Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Look. Do or Don't?

Michael and I just got our engagement pictures done last week. They were so fun and so romantic. It was just us and our photographers. It made me think about our wedding day of course and if we'd do a first look. Originally I told our photographers I wasn't sure about doing it….. but then I realized that I've told all my personal wedding clients to do it! And for so many reasons… to share that moment with just the two of you and not in front of a crowd, to be able to spend some time together before the ceremony starts, for plenty of time for photographs before- and now after the ceremony, etc etc etc. Well we decided we are going to do a first look, and I can hardly wait for it.

I was browsing tonight on one of my favorite wedding websites and they had an article on should you have a first look? It was a great read. I totally agree with this statement;

"But even couples who favor the first look worry that, since you already saw each other, you lose some of the shine and magic from your walk down the aisle. I can assure you that that's simply not true." 

I've noticed that every wedding I've either shot or attended where they did a first look, the bride and groom still experience those emotions- and honestly probably more emotion that they would have had you not seen each other. I've also seen couples shed no tears, and just joy and smiles, at their first look and break out with emotion at the alter. 

On the same site there was an article titled '75 adorable reasons to have a "first look" before the ceremony'  which just brought tears to my eyes. There are some really precious moments there. 

So did you have a first look? Are you planning on it? Think about it. It's not a decision you should just decide on a whim. It's one that should be discussed between the two of you. Does it make since for you all? I know some people that wouldn't dare too- but this is your wedding!