Our Story & Big Day

Michael and I met in high school. I saw him when I was just a freshman and it wasn't until two years later until we spoke. We became instant best friends and could spend forever talking about nothing. As he was approaching the end of his senior year (and my junior), he finally got up the nerve to tell me how he really felt about me. He uses the word 'rejects' but I find that a little harsh... I told him I wasn't really wanting a relationship and I wanted our friendship so much more. So that's what we did... remained friends... until we didn't remain any longer. He went off to college, while I stayed in our hometown wasting my time and life away. Nearly two years after he left, I contacted him on Facebook- go figure. We talked that night, and the next 4 nights, nearly to dawn. The day he arrived back from his spring break trip we got together for dinner and pretty much the rest is history. Two weeks later we became 'official' boy and girl friends. Now, four years later, we are still loving every minute of being together, still best friends, and still riding around town in his same car. Being married to him is all I've wanted for the last three and a half years. My dreams are finally coming true. 
2009. Our first outing as a couple.
Such babies.
Our wedding is next fall on 10/12/14 outside on a beautiful farm and the party will be in a black barn. I'll be putting my collection of Ball mason jars to use as we use them for centerpieces and decorations everywhere. As it's so 'the thing' right now, (which I'm not to fond of but oh well) we'll be using burlap and lace everywhere too. Hopefully some hay bale ceremony seating and woodgrain scattered around. Our colors are shades of blue and green with pops of purple. Sound like a lot? It is, but I love it. 

A few words to describe the feel and decorations of our day:

The day we found our wedding venue!!
That behind us is where our ceremony will take place!

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